HR Technology Trends: Review of BTR’s 2020 HR Tech Survey

The year 2020 was filled with many ups and downs. One of the positives was BTR's first-ever HR Technology survey was released! During this webinar, the HR tech experts at BTR will be reviewing the data collected in their mid-market client survey and talk through the key findings. HR professionals will be able to: Learn […]

Global Benefits: Multinational Pooling the Pros and Cons to Centralizing Your Insurers

This webinar will focus on educating HR professionals on the positive and negative arguments for centralizing their global benefits efforts to a single insurer network. The session will consider: The benefits to the business The impact on employees Any risk associated with such an approach for both growing and established multinationals The attendee will benefit […]

HCM Trends Update

In the world of Human Capital Management, Bobbi Kloss's webinar will provide current information on: Developing a culture by marketing your business to attract and retain employees Regulatory HR updates including from the EEOC and the DOL HR best practices Join us to educate yourself on top trends in Human Capital Management (HCM) and find […]

Harvest Your Health Plan’s Low Hanging Fruit

When mid-sized Employers self-fund, they can flatline their plan costs without increasing members' deductibles every year. In this webinar, David Konrad explains how it can be possible. Learn how hundreds of companies are controlling their health plan's costs year over year. We will review specific examples of how Employers are harvesting the low hanging fruit […]

Artificial Intelligence Marketing: The Unfair Advantage

How is your website working for you? How are you stacking up against other employers? Join World Synergy for an exciting webinar to learn how sophisticated A.I. can help you dominate 2021 and beyond. Despite these turbulent times of ups, downs, and constant changes, the industry’s first and only A.I. solution can instantly analyze billions […]

How to Prepare for DOL Audit

During this webinar, Stacy H. Barrow, BAN's Director of Compliance, will provide attendees with tips for surviving a Department of Labor (DOL) audit, including an overview of what to expect during a DOL audit, how the DOL audits, and what the DOL looks for during a group health plan audit. Takeaways include: An understanding of […]

Cybersecurity: What to do Before and After a Breach

Join World Synergy for an exclusive webinar on April 28 that will teach you how to protect your business before a breach, and what to do afterwards. With the shift to remote work and the dramatic rise in cyber-threats, businesses need new solutions and expertise to combat hackers and cyber-attacks. We will show you how […]

Employee Engagement

The drive to digital transformation has been supercharged. Employee engagement is on every HR professional's mind. But, what does “employee engagement" really mean, and how does technology help? In this webinar, the experts at BTR will Break down employee engagement technologies Explain how they're being used in the real market Discuss what employers should know […]

Affordable Care Act: What’s New with the ACA

"In this informative webinar, Stacy H. Barrow, Esq., BAN's Director of Compliance, discusses the current state of the Affordable Care Act, including top compliance issues in 2021, new legal and regulatory updates in employee benefits, and a look at recent court cases of interest. Takeaways include: An understanding of the top benefits issues in 2021 […]

Underwriting Employer Stop Loss

​Underwriting stop loss is both a science and art. There are 10 important components that can have an impact on the specific rates and aggregate factors produced by carriers quoting employer stop loss insurance.  Influencing the rates and factors developed is the experience of the underwriter who has the ability to modify the rates based […]

Workplace Wellness Programs and Compliance with DOL & EEOC Rules

"During this informative webinar Stacy H. Barrow, Esq., BAN's Director of Compliance, provides an overview of the legal and regulatory guidelines for wellness programs under DOL and EEOC rules. Attendees will gain an understanding of how DOL and EEOC rules apply depending on the type of wellness program offered, how limits on rewards work depending […]

Essence Marketing: Strategic Marketing Roadmaps for the New Business Landscape

Times have changed… has your business strategy evolved along with it? Join this webinar on July 28 to learn how to build your digital marketing strategy for this new economy. The first step is to build a digital marketing acceleration roadmap that will include your business's uniqueness as your true north. We will then focus […]