Top Tech Trends of 2019 in Human Resources

As competition in businesses continues to expand in this highly-digitized world, the need for innovative tech to motivate, assist, and manage the workplace grows with it. New technologies that offer smarter, easier solutions to core HR functions are not a trend, it’s become an inroad into a growing top priority for employees — a work-life balance and a positive workplace experience.

From sourcing and recruiting candidates to onboarding new employees to managing employee experience and performance, software for human resources is improving core processes and making them more effective as well as efficient. To leverage technology advancements in your workplace, take a look at our list of top three HR tech trends you should be incorporating.

AI Applications Humanizing the Process

AI has finally landed and it’s here to stay. AI-powered tech is streamlining the manual and administrative work of recruiting, compensation, and learning of daily human resources operations. Remember the hours of work going through hundreds of resumes? With AI algorithms able to search for the most relevant skills, education, and experience on resumes, this protracted process is more efficient than ever. 

A reduction in the time spent on screening candidates is one of the main ways artificial intelligence has sped up HR workflows and opened up a better engagement experience. HR and talent recruiters are able to focus on talking to prospective talent and offer faster, quality responses.  

Overall, what impact does this have on HR functionality? With these tasks becoming more automated, this leads into “the inevitable bifurcation of key HR functions into tactical versus strategic,” according to Jeanne Achille, program chair for the Women in HR Tech Summit at this year’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition. She predicts there will be an emphasis on people-enabled strategic relationship management and valuable AI-analytics will track trends in hiring, performance management, and workplace mobility.

From optimizing the recruitment process and allowing HR professionals to operate more efficiently, AI can also help to recognize subconscious human bias in the workplace, improve employee healthcare, and help employees with routine tasks like training and scheduling vacation time.  

People Analytics for Easier HR Decisions

Need to know if your employees feel valued and acknowledged? Want to discover what methods can increase workplace communication and create a more open culture? People analytics, also known as HR analytics or talent analytics, tracks employee engagement data and identifies successful talent-development strategies. 

Instead of the old approach of relying on gut instincts, people analytics makes it easier for those in human resources to quantify and measure success. This data-driven approach helps the HR department and managers make decisions about their employees regarding issues like promotions, discharges, and smarter hiring practices.

Here are some critical questions people analytics can answer about your company:

  • Do you know what factors attract the best new talent?
  • How high is your annual turnover rate?
  • How can you overcome employee performance gaps?
  • Is your learning and development budget driving returns?   

Make use of the ample amounts of underutilized HR data with people analytics to improve employee retention and performance, make more strategic hiring strategies, and find better applicants.

Emerging Focus: Employee-centered Products 

As a professional working in the HR department, it’s important to identify what unique company characteristics attract potential hires and what factors make employees want to stay long-term.  Across all industries, people are now prioritizing workplaces that offer work-life balance, flexible schedules, and employee wellness. This has resulted in employee-centered products that improve the flow of work and encourage productive behavior.

Think about integrating these innovative, easy-to-use solutions into your workplace:

  • “Nudge-based” technology that offers individualized suggestions to encourage productivity.
  • Mobile platforms that allow employees and potential candidates HRSM access, creating an environment wherein they will be able to work when, where, and how they want and using their preferred device.
  • A team messaging application like Slack to improve communication, employee engagement, collaboration, and strengthen team relationships.

Drive high performance in your employees by implementing technologies designed to ease their everyday workflow and experience. It’s important to realize that HR has shifted from talent acquisition to include people management that focuses on company culture, employee empowerment, engagement, satisfaction, and work environment.

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