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Wellness & Population Health Management

Actuarial & Reinsurance

Our Actuarial & Reinsurance team helps you FORECAST RISKY SITUATIONS and prepare for the financial impacts they may have on your company.​

Our Actuarial & Reinsurance group excels at solving puzzles, finding solutions, building products, and developing strategies that align well with an employer’s vision, style and skill set. We provide realistic and creative solutions to help business owners prepare for and mitigate the financial risks associated with undesirable incidents in the future. Specifically, we help employers with rate making, risk analysis, retiree healthcare, stop loss placement support, experience analysis, budget development, feasibility studies and PBM analysis

Compliance & Legal

Our Compliance team helps you navigate through the COMPLEX landscape of healthcare LEGISLATION, REGULATION and REFORM.​

Our Compliance team works with employers to develop and deploy effective, legally-compliant strategies to implement healthcare reform and other federal and state laws in a manner consistent with their business strategies. Our team counsels business owners on new healthcare legislation and other various laws and regulations including ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA and the Internal Revenue Code.

Data Analytics & Benchmarking

Our Data Analytics team helps you solve your most challenging business needs through EXPERT data ANALYSIS interpretation.​

We leverage clinical, financial and predictive analysis and then combine it with innovative technologies and expert data management services to help employers solve complex business problems. Our data-driven solutions help employers mitigate risk, reduce costs, optimize revenue, improve clinical outcomes and decrease overall medical expenditures for employees

Marketing & Communications

Our Marketing & Communications team helps you COMMUNICATE and EDUCATE to help employees live well and be well.​

Our team will work with you to develop a communication program where the goal is to put information into the hands of the employee so he/she can make smarter, healthier choices. A healthier employee is a productive employee, and an investment in a well-designed and executed communication strategy will result in a smarter healthcare consumer. We provide a full suite of traditional and digital marketing services to support the communication strategy.

HR Administration & Technology Partners

Our HR, Administration & Technology team helps you utilize technology to STREAMLINE human resources and benefits PROCESSES.​

The art of restructuring employee data and workflow processes related to human resources, payroll and benefits has become an increasingly important trend for many employers. It is critical that organizations choose and implement the right technology and procedures to meet their growing needs. We deliver relevant information on technology, payroll benefits administration, talent management, time keeping and HRIS so employers can stay informed and make the best decisions for their organizations.

Human Resources Management

The Mission
The mission of the Human Capital Management Department is to provide premier Human Capital Management (HCM) resources, services and products that create a competitive advantage and produce a culture of success and growth for our clients.

The Vision
The vision of our Human Capital Management team is provide a set of resources, services and products that our clients can use to guide their internal Human Capital and deliver the expertise they require.

Pharmacy Benefit Management

Our PBM experts serve as a one-stop solution for your self-funded PBM program. Financial analysis, benchmarking, and utilization management are some of the resources available to help you efficiently and effectively evaluate, manage, and oversee your program. Take advantage of our proven, market-leading solutions that can offer an average savings of 20-30%

Wellness & Population Health Management Partners

Our Team helps you and your employees LIVE WELL and BE WELL.​

Employers are increasingly viewing Wellness & Population Health Management as a vital way to help control business expenses tied to benefits and disability, while simultaneously improving employee health, morale and productivity. We focus on designing and implementing affordable and effective wellness and health management programs so your employees can maintain and improve their health across the continuum of care.

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